It's not Chemo and poison that are a safe and effective way to heal.  Your body isn't lacking 'poison" to get well, it's lacking the right nutrients/herbs etc - It's knowledge of nature.  Are you sick of the enormous prices for Vets and Prescription drugs?  And none offer a safe cure?  I offer actual ways to wellness and support at a fraction of the price.  Ask me anything you want, I will support you as this is my passion, to heal people and pets.

I offer real HEALTH knowledge that actually works!

Make the decision today to experience a life changing decision.

Please pay below and then email me once this is done.  You will be emailed a few questions on you or your pet's breed, weight/diet etc, and then you'll be sent information on how I eliminated cancer in  my pets.  All your information if private and confidential.  I have kept fees low to help as many people and animals as I can.  Fees will go toward helping others in their quest for health knowledge too.  Help me get the word out, as this is my personal website, and it's genuine.  Please tag me and share this rare and totally real website.  

Pet consultation, NZ$120.  

Human cancer

Please pay for your personalised consultation, and then email me once this is done.  I will email you and ask you some simple questions on what you are currently taking/diet/lifestyle etc, and send you your information to get well, within one day.  Fee NZ$360.00    Let's get well everyone!  Time is of the essence.