Your're in safe hands.

Hi, my name is Kary  Jamieson.  I live in Tauranga, New Zealand.  I've eliminated cancer in myself and rescues: my elderly dog and cat.  I've been interviewed on various Television channels 27 times on my knowledge on natural cures and killing cancer.   

If if you are given a diagnoses of cancer, You listen carefully to Doctors and Vets and they offer Chemotherapy and/or surgery.  But they don't know how to change the environment it grew in.  So it can grow back.  My story started 24 years ago, I was running a successful recruitment agency in Sydney, and I started feeling weak and unwell, with chest pains.  I saw 6 Doctors who couldn't help.  The 7th Doctor checked my heart and it turned out I had serious and advanced heart failure, (Cardiomyopathy).  I was informed I'd need a pacemaker and later on a heart transplant.  There had to be another way!  I began researching herbs and nutrients. Within a short time, my heart recovered and the skin cancer I had on the nose disappeared.  I am one of the few people on the planet, that has eliminated cancer 3 times and is currently making others healthy too.

My  beautiful rescue dog had advanced cancer everywhere, I got him well again fast.  He was in a collapsed state.