Personalised consultations for people and pets with cancer and listed diseases. This is a genuine professional natural healing service, by a Functional Medicine Practitioner with 25 years of experience.  

CANCER - why are we are still dying to know the truth.

Welcome to the website that shares information on 'how I personally have cured cancer in myself and my elderly rescue dog and very old rescue cat."  I have studied natural cures and remedies for 25 years. Both have been loving pets and I have given them the best lives possible here in New Zealand.  

I am currently working with people who have cancer, and a cat with skin cancer, they are all improving swiftly.  Testimonials:  "Thank you Kary, I so appreciate you, you've been so supportive during this awful time.  In six weeks, my husband and I have seen the mass on my breast shrink, we now can't see it or feel it, my next Thermogram is in two months.  Who needs Doctors with results like this!  S.H California."  "Kary, I can't thank you enough, the tumor under my arm, has almost gone, you sure know your stuff, I'll keep you tuned when I have my next scan late this year.  T.J Ireland."  "Hi Kary, my cat is on the mend, the skin cancer has diminished, and being on his nose, I was extremely worried.  I'll stay in touch and use your wisdom for all my pets from now on.  Now I know how to  prevent diseases and cure them by diet and the right supplements. Thanks again.  S.B Australia."  My dog had hairloss from itchy skin, and was always shaking and scratching his ears, he had a tumor on his liver - all gone in weeks.  WOW!  B.H New Zealand.

Our world and bodies are continually giving us feedback on our health and field of energy. We can create a new field of energy, through kindness, and good feelings.

It is worth every step, to change your vibration, and universal energy, by giving to others; helping others.  

I had skin cancer on my nose and it was growing rapidly.  I eliminated it fast just by taking specific natural products.  

Cancer drugs and chemicals are a multi-billion dollar industry to the pharmaceutical companies which make money patenting and selling chemical treatments to the public.  There are powerful corporate interests extremely keen to keep it this way.  Natural cures for cancer and other diseases, cannot be patented and the right, specific healthy ingredients are easily available at your health shop or ordered online.  Herbs and nutrients have been used by many people globally for centuries.  What I used to completely KILL cancer 3 times, and use for others, are a unique blend of 'health products".  They also healed my heart failure at the same time and give overall great health.    

"It's estimated that by 2020 more than half of all cancer in America will be medically-induced from toxic drugs and/or radiation.  So our medical establishment itself will soon become the leading cause of cancer in America."~Dr. Ben Johnson

Man made science, will never beat the perfect intelligence of mother nature.  

When you or your pet is diagnosed with cancer - you have two choices:  Toxic; barbaric Chemotherapy/drugs or the right natural products to enable the body to  fight and kill the cancer.   I know which ones I used with tremendous success!  It is not expensive and the products I will share with you, are easily obtainable.  

You take this and that and hope for the best, but I am an expert, and I can share with you 25 years of knowledge and experience.  I have cured cancer multiple times and you could be next.

Billions of dollars has been spent globally on 'research for cancer" however, the medical industry is NOT seeking 'cures" this would put millions of people out of work over night, destroy entire economies, and stop all their profits.  Big Pharma funds politicians; the media, and scientists.  Opinions are being 'bought" as big pharma is powerful and has very deep pockets.  Even when you see someone with cancer in movies or TV shows, it's an advert, paid for by big pharma, so the public feels 'normal' about taking chemotherapy or taking drugs.

Except for anti-biotics, not one drug is designed to "cure you".   They are designed only to 'treat' and keep you coming back to buy more.  

It's not right that the drug companies will do anything to stop natural healers.  For instance b17 incurred the wrath of  'the establishment" and attacks on nutritional therapy for cancer in the US, have come from organisations closely affiliated with big pharma, who have much to lose from cheap natural cures - the attackers are the FDA, American cancer society, National cancer institute, American Council on science and health.  These watchdogs all have one goal, to cry "quackery" and shut down or vilify affective natural cancer treatments that threaten the gravy train of their multi billion dollar industry.

Only a tiny few independent researches are actually seeking cures. They will only add a bit of the cure to a drug, so you stay sick, but live longer, so again, they make more money.  Cancer is serious business folks, and the medical industry offers only drugs, poison, burning or surgery.  I know how to get healthy and kill cancer, so come along on my journey, and let me help you or your precious pets.

(Kary Jamieson, 24th Television interview in New Zealand) If you have read this far, you are on the right track to wellness.   

There's no one else who cares about you or your pets like I do.  So, firstly, I want to share with you for free, information on Pet's diets:  I love animals, and I have long been an animal welfare campaigner.  So, here is something, I need to tell you: There are no laws that pet food companies cannot state and advertise (falsely) that their processed rubbish, is 100% a complete and balanced diet.  Your cat or dog is not designed for 'cooked and processed food".  You may want to consider to feed what they would eat in the wild.  They are scavengers and hunters, who would never eat at the same time every day, nor would they eat the same thing all the time.  What rolls, canned food and biscuits are made of, is what humans won't eat.  Meat-works are thrifty.  Your pets are eating other animals, picked up from farms, who were dying, dead or diseased.  

They add other horror ingredients and heat them to a high temperature, removing nutrition.  So when people's pets get sick, it's often man made.  Animals in the wild don't get 'man made diseases" like arthritis, cancer, diabetes etc.  So, if you want healthy animals, it's a good idea to feed your pets at least some 'human grade" meat, fish, and vegetables.  Your cat or dog in the wild, would dine on smaller animals, and their stomach contents, herbs, grasses, seeds, plants.  Dogs and cats are therefore omnivores, not just carnivores.  

Pet food companies, add sugar; salt and other 'addictive' chemicals, making your pet whiny and desperate for 'more' food" so they sell more, and your pet gets sick and fat.  It's all about money.  It makes you a bit mad knowing this doesn't it?  I get published in newspapers, as it's my passion to enlighten others. 

My beautiful rescue dog Ringo, was an adult when I adopted him, and he was itchy, with ear infections.  This is what happens when you feed pets processed food.  

Tip: I use brewers yeast mixed in their food to repel fleas.  A sprinkling in their wet food is all it takes. This has proved to be inexpensive and effective.  The other thing is, if your dog or cat gets a cold/cough or flu, all you need to is shave with scissors, vitamin C and/or Echinacea into their favorite wet food and keep them warm and of course stress free.  I've looked after many people's pets house-sitting in New Zealand and Australia, and I've used this every time, and it works every-single-time.  I've also used, apple cider vinegar, honey, any citrus juice, wiped on their fur, they lick it off.  I've long been amazed at what is around me, that is so simple and cheap to use for pet health.

I'll share with you what I mixed with my precious cat's food that eliminated cancer. This ONE ingredient, is what killed cancer from my cat's ear.  Cat's are finicky but they will eat this.  Dogs are easy to treat, I fed Ringo my dog certain products mixed up in a baby's bottle and got him better this way.  He was at death's door, in a collapsed state and he got better fast.  He was very old at the time.  

This is "Gingy" he was rescued as a homeless, desperate cat, by me.  19 years ago.  He's my best buddy, and he's fed cancer eliminating products every single day.  

25 years of researching natural cures.

My precious pets were at death's door.

It was easy to eliminate cancer from my pets.  My dog was days from death when I started treating him.  I didn't listen to Vets who said not to feed him, put  him down.  I have studied endlessly and learned what herbs and nutrients to give - and they worked.  My elderly rescue cat's ear was covered with a large tumor inside and out.  I got rid of his cancer and that was 3 years ago.  He's still with me.

My skin cancer - gone!

It was easy to make a few small diet changes, and take specific nutrients to eliminate the cancer on my nose which had been there for a decade.  I'll share how bypassed surgery, which would have scarred my face for life.


I took photos of 'Gingy's' ear, before and after my treatment, which costs less than $20.00.

Gingy, here is the large; visable tumor growing on his ear.

As you can see, I started to shrink the cancer within 4 days it looked like this.

In 7 days it looked like this, going, going...

Gone, in 10 days.


Simply pay for your personalised consultation, and email me when you have done it. See, (Pricelist page) then please email me in less than 30 words, your story and need for help, be it yourself; or pet.  I have given up my job in Recruitment to help others with my 25 years of knowledge in Natural cures.  This is my passion.  Lets just get better.   Love and light.  Kary